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  • Premiere: December 21, 2014 / Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe / Danielle Squeo

  • Instrumentation: Treble chorus and keyboard or orchestra ( - - pno, perc, str.)

  • Suitable for worship of concert performance 


Program Note


These pieces were jointly commissioned by the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (Baden State Theater) and the Kantorei und Chorschule an der Lutherkirche (Lutheran Choir School), Dr. Dorothea Lehmann-Horsch, director. They were premiered at the Staatstheater's Weihnachtssingen (Christmas Carol) concerts in 2014.  


Als ich bei meinen Schafen wacht - a cheerful, strophic tune that tells of a shepherd child roused by an angel to greet the newborn Christ in the manger. German text with an English singing translation. 


Noël Nouvelet - a traditional French carol describing the manger scene and the appearance of the Magi.  French text with and English singing translation.


Leise rieselt der Schnee - Among the most famous German Christmas carols. Written by Eduard Ebel (1839-1905), it depicts swirling snowfall as a backdrop to the joyful anticipation of the Holy Night. German text with an English singing translation. 


Maria durch ein Dornwald ging - first published in 1850, but with a long history likely preceeding it, this complex tune and text presents a pregnant Mary walking through a dead forest of thorns. As she passes, the forest comes to life with blooming roses.  German text with an English singing translation. 



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