Instrumental Concert Suite

from the opera-in-development, THE STRANGERS

Duration: 22 Minutes

Instrumentation: Clarinet (and Bass Clarinet), Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar (and Banjo), Vibraphone, Piano, Bass, Drums (one player)

Orchestrated score - click image to view

MIDI realization - click to listen

I. The City's Lifeblood

The "Saint James Infirmary Blues" and the Spiritual, "Deep River" swim within a musical representation of the Mississippi, which flows through the city, and is central to the lives of all this opera's characters. 

II. A River's Tributaries

Ragtime, the Tresillo, Delta Blues and European hymnody intermingle, before converging to become Jazz, an art form born about ten years following the events upon which this opera is based.

III. Rolling down the street (Fat Tuesday)

The multiple musics of the city's Mardi Gras carnival celebration clash in waves of euphoria. The joy builds as the crowd sees the parade turns the corner and rolls down the street.

IV. Flowing by the Throne of God (A Jazz Funeral)

"Saint James Infirmary" is reprised,  as mourners lead the recently deceased to their final resting place. The procession leaves the cemetary and celebrates the life of the departed with a spirited rendition of the old American hymn, "Shall we gather at the river?"


An opera-in-development