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Jubilate Deo

  • Instrumentation: Double Mixed Choir: SATB - SATB 

  • Duration: 5:30'

  • Text: Psalm 100 KJV

  • Performance ready in five to six rehearsals


Program Note


This piece knocked two items off my choral "to do" list: 1) a Jubilate Deo for 2) double choir. Written for a competition, this work is a culmination of my harmonic fluidity and contrapuntal skills, which were developed over more than a decade of writing for choral ensembles of all sizes and ability levels. From full, eight-part counterpoint, to "two-part" double, homophonic writing, this piece is ideal for a larger ensembles who are ready for a challenge.


The text utilizes the KJV English, which lends itself to musical setting, from pronounced declaration to more pastoral temperament. 

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