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A brief introduction to my operas - one aria for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, and baritone.  Four operas are represented, ranging from completed works, to workshopped pieces, and operas in development.
In addition to giving professionals a first look at my operatic catalogue, these arias are ideal for young singers seeking new repertiore and audition material, and are appropriate for scene study and recital programming.
Click the button above to request a copy; click the links below to learn more about the operas from whcih these arias are drawn.  


From the opera The Diary of Adam and Eve
  • I am one day old (aria for soprano)
From the opera Cafeteria Rusticana
  • O, my <adjective> daddy (aria for mezzo-soprano)
From the opera The System of Soothing
  • From Childhood's Hour (aria for tenor)
From the opera Trade
  • No, brother ... Remember Zoe? (aria for baritone)
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