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Libretto by the composer, after a short story by Simon Rich


Josh just found out his girlfriend Kate has traded him to another woman for a performance artist with a neck tattoo. 
Based on a short story by acclaimed author, and former Saturday Night Live writer Simon Rich, TRADE is a one-act comedy that uses clever baseball imagery to describe the ins and outs of modern love - what's fair and what's foul, what's a home run, and what's a strikeout - when all Josh wants is to be safe at home. 
For assistance and commiseration, Josh turns to his brother, Craig. Once a promising team member, Craig never recovered from a devastating trade that took place right at the deadline - Valentine's Day. 
Clearing out his things from Kate's apartment, Josh runs into Keanu, an experienced journeyman, and the "player to be named later" of his own trade.  All the while, Josh is dogged by the Umpire, who keeps the game running, and provides rulings on Josh's complaints about the unfairness of his situation. 
Finally, Josh finds himself at the door of Lisa - his new girlfriend. Suspecting a downgrade, Josh is overjoyed to find that Lisa has traded specifically for him, having seen his potential and wanting him for her team. 


TRADE can be tailored specifically to its needs and requirements of any company. Any of the principal roles can be sung by male or female singers.  Likewise, a mixed chamber/jazz ensemble can be used adjusted to meet the needs of the company's size and budget considerations.
Typical principal roles:


JOSH (Tenor) - Early to mid-twenties; sweet, naive and a little starry-eyed. Lucky to be where he is in life, but unprepared for the balance to be upset.

LISA (Soprano) - Mid-to late twenties; breezy and amiable, smart and savvy. Josh’s new girlfriend.


KATE (Mezzo-Soprano) - Late twenties; ambitious and tough.  Josh’s former girlfriend.


CRAIG (Baritone) - Josh’s brother.  Early thirties; bitter, washed up and alone - going through a long dry spell.


UMPIRE (Baritone OR Lyric Mezzo-Soprano) -Lays the ground rules, and makes rulings on the action.


KEANU/KEANA (Bass-Baritone OR Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano)

Mid to late-thirties. Ultra-hip performance artist. Journeyman/woman who's been around the bases several times.


Premiere Production - Staged workshop 
Boston Conservatory
April 27, 2013

Music Direction by Andrew Altenbach

Sally van der Ploeg, piano


Salvatore Atti as Josh

Wesley Gentle as the Umpire

Andrew Miller as Craig

Rachel Tolzman as Lisa

Jena Viemeister as Kate

Juan Daniel Melo as Keanu

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