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D Major Prelude at 6:29

C Major Prelude

Preludes for Piano - Major Keys 

  • Premiere: C Major, Eb Major, E Major, Ab Major, Db Major, F Major -November 13, 2011 / Karine Bagdasarian, piano / St. Andrew's Hall / Trinity Church in the City of Boston

  • Premiere: D Major - January 10, 2015 / Hayk Arsenyan, piano / Brand Library and Art Center / Glendale, California

  • Instrumentation: Piano solo

  • Duration: 20' total 


Program Note


The first twelve pieces in a series of Major and minor preludes and fugues. Written between 2009 and 2015, these pieces were my standby, go-to projects when I found myself in between major works or commissions. True to the form, each prelude begins and ends in the prescribed key, with sometimes wildly chromatic digressions in between.  The model and character of each prelude is also distinct.  While not key-related in the traditional sense, each is affected by the tonal center's perceived qualities.  








G-flat Major Prelude

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