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Let the joyous noise resound

  • Premiere: December 24, 2007 / Grace Episcopal Church / Newton, MA 

  • Instrumentation: Unison treble voices and organ

  • Duration: 2:00'

  • Text: English setting of Resonet in Laudibus, a 14th c. German carol

  • Appropriate for worship or concert performance


Program Note

Completed December 16, 2007 in Newton, Massachusetts; I wrote this piece for the Junior Choir of Grace Church, Newton.  At this time, I was a staff singer and director of the Junior Choir at Grace, and this was my first opportunity to write for the wild bunch of 5-10 year-olds who were under my charge. I taught them the jaunty rendition of Resonet in laudibus featured here using the words "Raisinettes and lollipops," essentially a song about a stocking overflowing with candy. It was the fastest they ever learned anything in my rehearsals.  

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