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  • Instrumentation: Flute, Bass Clarinet, and Vibraphone

  • Duration: 9'


Program Note

Written for a competitive call for scores, this unique combination of colors developed into a charming set of five movements. As the title suggests, the piece follows in tradition of Bach's three-part inventions.  Each melodic idea presented by one instrument is developed by the next, creating a rich, contrapuntal tapestry.


I. Allegro - all three instruments state an angular melody in unison before breaking off into their own interpretations, creating new acompaniment figures, which morph into countermelodies.

II. Misterioso - a haunting, arching melody trades places with two simultaneous accompaniment figures.

III. March Militaire - a brief, muscular movement develops in fugue-like fashion.  My mother always asked me, "Why can you write something nice, like a march?" Well, here it is.

IV. Dolce e legato - written shortly after the birth of my daughter, the melodic material for this movement is a play on her name - Sophia (Sol - Fi - La).

V. Allegretto grazioso - all three instruments follow each other in a frenetic, yet graceful, direct canon









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