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  • Instrumentation: Symphonic Wind Ensemble

  • Duration: 12'

  • Grade VI


Program Note


This collection of six short movements for symphonic wind ensemble is an assemblage of orchestrations of pieces originally written for other mediums.  An exercise in flexing my orchestration muscles and recalling the sound of the ensemble that played so prominently in my formatave years, these short pieces took on a completely different character than their original versions and allowed me to explore combinations of colors not available in earlier incarnations. The title's historical meaning is rooted in 18th century background music meant to lend a soundtrack to a lighthearted gathering. It is also a nod to the wind ensemble piece of the same name by Vincent Persichetti, a band hero of mine.  


I - Prelude; originally my C Major prelude for piano solo, an homage to Ives' The Unanswered Question. Foundational brass chords are answered by ethereal winds.

II - Humoresque; this short movement has a ton of character, and was eventually utilized as the Theme of my Theme and Variations for Peirrot Ensemble.

III - Impromptu; also exists as a stand-alone, Grade IV concert band piece, Autumn Music. Harmonically crunchy syncopated figure evolves underneath an arching lyric melody.

IV - Elegy; a broad reimagining of one of the songs from my set, You say you love for Baritone and 'cello. A six-note accompaniment figure goes through endless color changes underneath a plaintive melody. This movement is dedicated to the memory of Coleman Mellet, a friend from high school, and one of the most gifted musicians I have ever known.

V - Barcarola; originally from a set of miniatures entitled Four Little Jokes for flute, clarinet, 'cello and piano.  Seduction seasoned with explosive emotions.

VI - Scherzo; the second movement of my String Quartet in a minor, always on the verge of being out of control, this movement lends a rollicking conclusion to the set.











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