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Click here for audio preview

Click here for audio preview

  • Chamber Instrumentation: Flute, English Horn, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Vibes, Double Bass, Drum Set 

  • Orchestral Instrumentation - - timp, vibes, drum set, pno., str

  • Duration: 12'

Program Note

Completed in the early winter of 2016, this work is the culmination of many attempts to synthesize my Jazz and concert music aesthetics.  Drawing from the Third Stream tradition of Gunther Schuller, and in homage to the big band works of bassist Dave Holland, this piece blends contemporary concert and Jazz instrumentation, utilizes serialized melodic and harmonic devices, and gives the understanding of Jazz-typical rhythms, without being overt.

Each of the piece's three movements explores the inherent contrapuntal give and take that is a hallmark of Jazz. This dialogue between improvising musicians results in a mutually developing conversation, with each voice influencing the other.







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